7 All about Spikes

Stop! Yes I love it! I want it! Right now!
Morning beautiful girls!
I come a across a hot new trend that I'm in love with it.
Can you guess? Yes spikes  Most of you girls think I'm crazy , but its just a unique trend .
You can find spikes on shoes,necklace,shirts,sneakers, blouses, hats and so on.
I cant wait to get my vest!!
 Let's get inspired...

This is one of the trends that you love it or hate it !
So love it or hate it?


7 comentários:

Kathya Stryzak said...

Quero um sapato assim ja!!
beijos e boa semana


Courtney Starr said...

I'm loving spikes lately too!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!But I'd rather use studs instead of spikes,and use it only on a collar or tip of a shoe.Things like that.But I absuloutely fell in LOVE w/ the white shoes!!<333333

XOXOXO,Leticia Frossard^_^

Leticia Frossard said...

PS lovin the phone case and the necklace!!!!!;)

Thalissa Tomic said...

Me too girl :)

Thalissa Tomic said...

Ai menina eu tbm Lindo neh ! Xoxo

Arlete julian said...

Super tendencia, acho um charme !!!

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