4 Trend? mustache? love or hate it?

Morning beautiful girls!
Its Monday again!

A new week to start new. To become a better person, to dress better,to work harder, be friendly and to just to be the true you!

You all know about a hot trend? mustache?
Yes we see everywhere and people are loving it specially myself.
They are literally everywhere and on everything these days.
I think is a very cute and playful trend.

Girls, do you like this new trend?
I love it and i have a necklace and I want a T-shirt!
Happy Monday !


4 comentários:

Leticia Frossard said...

VERY cute!!!Love it!!!:)

Thalissa Tomic said...

Me too:)

Arlete julian said...

Ja tentei fazer minha unha, mas nao consegui !!!
show, gosto demais dessas tendencias !!!

Denilze França said...

Haha, ameeey!
Ja to seguindo =]
Vamos conferir? :)
http://www.canalmaranhao.net/dicas-de-beleza/unhas-da-semana-unhas-de-porcelana/ Um beijo ♥

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