0 Tips for Heathly Holiday Eating - By Bruna Gallo

  Hello ladies and Hello November , YES we are already in November and right about now is where the numbers on the scale starts to go up , One because of the coming holidays and two because it's cold outside , we dont feel like getting up and of course with the weather change also changes our eating habits we no longer want a salad sushi or fruits we crave more comforting food  like Pasta Bread Pizza all the "bad" stuff.
So today's post I wanna go over some simple tips to help you keep your weight during the winter and also during the holidays

1 Be realistic . Dont try to lose those extra pound during the holidays, instead focus on maintaining your current weight .

2 I know we are all busy during the holidays but planning your schedule is essential it's the only way you will find to go to the gym

3 Don't skip meals . Before leaving for a party snack on raw vegetables or a piece of fruit
You will be less tempted to over Indulge

4 Eat until you are satisfied not stuffed

5 Be careful with beverages alcohol induces overeating and sodas are full
Of sugar WATER is the answer in this case

6 If you overeat at one meal go light on the next .

7 Bring your own healthy dish to a holiday gathering ?

8 Look for heathly holidays and winter cooking recipes. (next post will be all about Heathly recipes stay tuned)

9 Have Fun


Stay tuned for coming  healthy recipes
Bruna Gallo

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