0 Lose the BABY WEIGHT for good . - by Bruna Gallo

Hello ladies , How was your week ?
Today I'm here to talk about the baby weight !!!
Hello to all the new moms out there and I know you are struggling with getting your body back to what it used to be but  timing is everything don't you worry mommy !
Here are some simple tips to get a even better body back :

Set a major goal !!!
( write down how much  you would like to weight and give yourself 2 to 3 months to achieve that goal )

Breastfedding itself burns an average of 500 calories per day !!!
( besides burning calories it creates a magical bond with your little one WINNING !)

(healthy protein and fiber helps to keep you full longer so try to incorporate both at every meal )

Fruits vegetables and fish !!!
( fruits in the mornings veggies and fish for the rest of the day and watch the baby weight disappear )

Walk it off !! 
( miles and miles of walking and running no excuses ladies )

(  40 minutes a day of serious CARDIO will do miracles )

WATER !!!!!
(As much as you can water helps with weigh loss , relieves fatigue , gives you a healthy skin ,
Improves the immune system and much more .) 

Cleanse !!
( after you are done Breastfedding I recommend a 3 to 4 day juice cleansing  a lot goes on in your body during and after a pregnancy so a juice cleanse is the perfect way to clean your body reset your taste buds , lose weight , and improve your immune function .)

( I know many of you are laughing right now , how can I sleep with a newborn at home and I understand it's difficult but a good sleep is essential when it comes to weight loss and feeling better overall )

Ask for help !!
( ask your family or friends for help with whatever it is this is a time in life where u can use all the help you can get so go ahead and ask for help )

 This is it for today ladies I hope you enjoyed 
And don't forget being a mom is one of the most magical and beautiful thing 
Don't let your struggles get in the way of the joy that comes with a newborn 
Congratulations to all the moms 
Stay motivated 
And see you next week for more healthy tips .
Bruna Gallo

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