2 Eat better - by Bruna Gallo

Hello ladies today's post it's all about eating better , no more junk food , no more excuses !
So let's get started !

Starting a healthy diet is one of the hardest thing for us girls to do , but this can be made easy by taking the right steps to eating better .
Healthy eating is essential for a great body , skin , hair, and most importantly , overall health.
In my opinion and experience , it's almost impossible to entirely change your diet in a heartbeat and keep it up .
I've come up with certain steps to eating better so here we go ladies .

1 Portion control
Most of us read the nutrition facts , but seem to miss the serving size so lets cut down on the portion size ,you will feel less bloated and it's a great start .

2 Read the  facts
It's important to know what you are consuming , if the numbers are too high and the serving size too small maybe the food isn't  worth it .

3 Calories aren't everything .
Although watching your calorie intake is important , it's not the only thing to watch
You wanna make sure you attention to sodium carbs and also cholesterol

4 Go light
 Many foods such as milk, cream cheese, bread , have light or low fat versions
Simple way to a better diet .

5 Skip the soda
The chemicals and the amount of sugar are insanely high and dangerous SKIP the soda .

6 Go whole
 Do Whole grain bread and pasta QUILTY FREE .

7 Short and Sweet
For my last step to eating better literally keep your sweet intake short and sweet

Now ladies I would like to share with you all some healthy and simple to make goodies  that  I have it on my daily basis ,

                                                             Fiber one 90 calories bar

                                              Squash pasta ( google it for recipes )

                                                I love nature promise products they are affordable yummy and healthy

                                                 Almond milk instead of that fattening whole milk .

                                           Yogi teas are my favorite great variety and taste.

                                         I love quinoa its healthy fast to make and yummy.

                                         Instant oatmeal simple add water fast easy healthy .

                                              Bags of brown rice so EASY to make simply boil it for 15 minutes .

                                          Powder peanut butter taste great and of course so easy to make it.

                                           Almonds only 100 calorie per pack . perfect for when you are on the go .

Hope you enjoyed today's post
Happy thanksgiving
Bruna Gallo

2 comentários:

Tatiana Melo said...

Oi, super legal as dicas!
O leite de amêndoas ainda não vi por aqui...
Algumas mudanças realmente fazem diferença rs.


Bruna said...

Realmente fazem
Obrigada Tatiana

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