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Hello Beautiful Ladies!!!

Let me start by asking you a question? Do you hate doing your nails? Because I did!!!  I hated doing my nails so much. Why? Because it was such a drag to get them done and on top of that just for nothing because they never lasted for more than a couple of days. The only time my nail polish lasted was when I got a gel manicure but they are so pricey plus removing the gel polish is so damaging to your  nails. Removing the gel from your nails weakens them since they often have to be filed and then soaked in nail polish remover for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Fortunately I have learned a few tricks that help me get a lasting manicure. The key  is prepping and protecting your nail polish. If you do these steps right you can be sure to have your nail polish looking fresh for at least a week.

  • Prep & Prime!!!
Make sure your nail is clean and ready to be wonderfully colored. File and shape your nails and then swipe them using a cotton pad with acetone. I used to buy acetone at my local pharmacy but I have found a wonderful polish remover that works wonders in just one swipe.

This is the Zoya Nail polish remover and it’s amazing! I just love how fast it removes your nail polish, especially darker colors and glitters that are very hard to remove.
 ($5-$20 - Depending on size)

Now that your nails are clean it’s time for a base coat. There are many base coats out there in the market but my favorite one is:

Orly Bonder: This base will make sure that your nail polish adheres to your nail for a lasting effect.

  • Let’s Protect that color!

Applying a top coat to your nail polish will protect your nail polish and give it a nice shine. I have to favorites for top coats:

Orly - Sec 'N Dry Multi-Layer Quick-Dry Topcoat

This one dries really fast and gives your nails a nice shine and speeds up drying time and that is why I love it.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. 

This one is fast drying and protects your nails very well.  I love that it works like it is supposed to but I just do not like the smell but for a lasting wear I can put up with it.

These are the basic steps necessary for a lasting nail polish application but remember there are other things you can do to ensure it lasts like:

*Wearing gloves when doing dishes and don't dig or try to scrape anything using your nails.

*If you work in an office use a staple remover never ever use your nails.

Please ladies do not give up just as I said before it takes practice and patience but you will get there. You might even get like me... I always use a base and top coat but sometimes I wish I did not because I just hope my nail polish would chip so that I have a reason to paint my nails with a new fun color.

 I know... I am nut.

Love ,

Nutty Nerak.

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