1 How to motivate yourself to workout - by Bruna Gallo

Hello ladies , I would like to welcome you all to my "world" .
First let me introduce myself, My name is Bruna Gallo,  Im a certified personal trainer and student.
My passion for fitness started at a young age, I have always been active , I played volleyball and did  judo all throughout my childhood, on my early teen years I got into the gym scene liked it and decided to get certified as a personal trainer,  nowadays Im at the gym 5-6 days a week ( I know many of you are thinking NO WAY .) but  yes and after a while it becomes  a routine a lifestyle a passion .
My eating habits has always been "clean" . My daily meals are simple fast and healthy, I dont take sugar at all, Sodas? I cant even remember last time I had a coke I was probably 7 years old , bread and pasta only whole wheat , red meat only on sundays during the week I only have fish and veggies Sometimes I will add some chicken or turkey but never red meat . Alcoholic beverages ? only on date nights :) desserts ? thats my weakness I love chocolate, cake, cookies, and I eat them without any regrets. ( heyy nobody is perfect ) .
Enough talking about me lets talk about what topic Im covering today. Today I will be talking about Motivation , what motivates me to work out and what can possibly motivate you to work out.
When it comes to what motivates me to live this lifestyle is first the feeling of accomplishment I get after a  day full of healthy meals and killer work-outs , knowing that this healthy meals and tough work-outs will make me look better and help improve my healthy is a huge plus.
Being the fashionista that I am my second favorite motivation is a new DRESS YESSS!!! and girls I recommend this to all my clients and it works , I usually go to my favorite stores which is BCBG, INTERMIX,SAKS, AND CELEBBOUTIQUE
New dress I just got at  INTERMIX 

( Im big into fashion btw..... whos not right ).   and then I look for that perfect dress when I find it I  buy it in a smaller size than I usually am and make my goal to fit in that dress perfectly,
Another way to keep me motivated is new gym gear ( this tip is a winner for me any new clothes or sneakers makes me wanna run to the gym specially those xsmall ).
Here are some personal pics from  my IG with some of the new gym gears I just got myself .
Tank top from Viewsport ( if you sweat enough words will appear on your tank top ) talk about motivation !!!!!!!
get it at viewsport.com

All black nike running sneakers 
get it at nike.com

flex till you're famous shorts and tanks 
get it at flextillyourefamous.com

Look at transformation pics  !!!!!!!! Yes I follow many fitness account on IG  for inspiration ( here are some of my favs )

photo credit to @amandalatona and @paigehathaway

The changes I see in my body ladies.... thats huge for me is what keep me going when I want to give up ,  and finally I saved the best for last :)
My health thats my biggest motivation by exercising and eating right Im only improving my health and thats a huge motivation , everything changes when you exercise and eat clean. your body ,your hair, your skin ,your teeth , everything keep that in mind ladies .
Now that we covered the basics of motivation the next step to a healthy lifestyle is ....set a goal and dont tell me your goal is to lose weight !!!!!! give me numbers have a exact number write it down and focus on this number
the next step is to join a gym ( a gym where you feel comfortable at is very important ) , find a park near your house if you are not into the gym scene , or a track at your local school where you can get some running done will be great too
next ...plan what kind of work out you will be doing before getting to the gym often I see girls just walking around the gym and getting nothing done if you have  a plan if you know what part of your body you will be working out before you even get to the gym you wont find yourself walking around in circles.
Its also important to have it planned what will you be eating for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner also time you dont wanna wait too long between meals because you will starve yourself and the chances of you sticking to your diet during starvation is 0.
Plan your meals with 3 hours apart this way you dont starve , eat smaller portions than you usually do if today you had a cup of rice try having half of a cup tomorrow simple tips like this make a huge difference.
Now that we covered motivation, a goal ( dont forget an exact number ) , and a plan , you are ready to hit the gym the park  the track your living room your basement where ever it works for you .
Next tuesday I will be getting more into details about yoga and the benefits of it.
Stay tuned Ladies !!!!
Any questions or comment please leave it bellow
Stay motivated
Bruna Gallo

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