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Hello Dear bloggers: 

My name is Nerak well, actually that is my nickname and it’s simply my name spelled backwards. I want to start thanking Thalissa for giving me an opportunity to be part of her blog and all of you for taking the time to read my humble postings. I will be writing about nails and nail polishes. I have to confess though that I have no or very little experience about nails but I figured this, if I want to learn to take better care of my nails and learn how to paint them maybe you do too. I recently became obsessed with the idea of learning to paint my own nails, it all started with my trip to Peru and my friend insisting on getting my nails done all the time. My idea of taking care of my nails was to trim them very short and making sure there was no muck underneath them. You see, she had her own salon so she was always inviting me to visit her and get my nails done but even if it was for free I always said: Maybe tomorrow! And then tomorrow came. She did my nails but rather than simply getting my nails done she started explaining to me all about bases, brands, color, functions and tools… and just like that I was hooked!!! And ever since then the idea of going out the house without nail polish is beyond me… and of course my nail polish must match my outfit.
I want you to check out a picture of the first time I attempted to get my nails done:

Can you relate to that?

Well I went from that to this:

Not so bad right? Believe me if I did it you can do it too! That expression "Practice makes perfect" is  so true.

I hope you can join me in my quest to perfect nails... Let's learn and enjoy our nails together!


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