1 Get up and let's move !

Morning girls!!
Exercise is not the most exciting thing in the world right?
What I have notice, a lot of people don't like to workout at the gym, they say its boring they don't move and so on, and some of us are too busy with school & work.

Since I'm very busy with school, I'm working out at home. Its very convenience, I just get home and put my workout clothes, before doing anything.  If you don't  like the gym or has no time, try to workout at home.

I found this amazing YOUTUBE channel called FITNESS BLENDER, they have 30 to 40 minutes workout video. Its great workout video to burn those unwanted calories.

I have to say since the end of the semester, I have been working out at home and I'm working out a lot more !

I really recommend this workout video, is amazing to get your exercise  done for the day!


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Kathya stryzak said...

malhando em casa simmmm


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