6 Animal face T shirts

Good morning girls!

Finally a fashion trend for the animal lovers: the Animal Face T-Shirts. Besides being beautiful, they are super comfortable, versatile and the best of all: it is possible to wear them in various interesting combinations.

I have to say I love this new and unique trend! Very fun for this cold days that are ahead of us.

You can create a  simple look or a more sophisticated one, depending on the accessories.
Very Cute!

I love this new trend!
I saw a lot of then at forever21, and yes I'm going to buy mine!

Have a great day girls!


6 comentários:

Kathya stryzak said...

ahh quero uma de gatinho!! simmm

Chari T said...

I WANT ONE SO VERY BADLY!!!!!!....do you own any??
Much Love
Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

Thalissa Tomic said...

flor muito obrigada pelos comentarios que vc sempre deixa aqui no blog!!! eu tbm!! otima semana beijos

Thalissa Tomic said...

me too!!! go to forever21 they have a ot!!


Nídia said...

Olá Thalissa!! como vai? o que tens feito menina? estudndo muiito? e curtindo tb? tem Forever21 aqui no Brasil? onde encontar? bjs

Arlete julian said...

Aiii tenho uma blusaa assim !!!!
vamos usa5r entao né !!!

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