1 Where do you store your makeup?

Hi girls!
I haven't post anything yesterday due to the hurricane. Since I was home I decided to catch up on my homework.
Today is way better, but still too dangerous to go outside.
I just want to Thank everyone who send me message, thank you all!
Be safe  everyone, stay home!

The post will be little different! This post will ,where should you store your makeup
Going to start by saying where you should not store your makeup.

Never never store your makeup on the bathroom.   The steam from your shower will make bacteria grow in your makeup and if you use, can and will  cause allergy and irritation on your skin.

You should store your make up on your bedroom, closet, some where when they are not exposed to heat and sunlight.

This is a great way to store your makeup.
Great idea to orgazine and to put on top of the table!
A very easy and cute way to store your makeup is on shoes box!
Be safe everyone !!

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Leticia said...

Luv the ideas!!Sure to use the shoebox idea!!I hope u stay safe too!!


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