2 Its my Birthday !!!!/ Hoje e meu Aniversario!

Hi gorgeous !
Wow one week without posting anything. I'm really sorry, I was really busy with school and getting all my stuff together.
Well well guess what ? Its my birthday !!!.
Can you girls believe I'm turning 23? Wow getting old....(:. Most people get really sad, but I don't , I'm  growing  as a person as a women! This past years was great lots of accomplishments. Ups and down? yes I'm not perfect .
I can't complain about my life. I have the best mom ever ,I live in the best city every (NY)hahh, studying what I love Fashion!

This year my wish list will be a little different .
I want more love in this world.
Respect others
Stop with the bad comments
Love more
A new car:)
Mk bag
A new ipad cover
New boots
Naked2 pallet

Happy birthday to me!!!

That's it girls!
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2 comentários:

Kathya Stryzak said...

ahh feliz cumpleaños,,muchas felicidades hermosa!!

beijos e boa semana


Anusha Outfitter said...

Happy Birthday, Thalissa!!!

Yeah growing old is not all that bad!

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