3 Hair Color Ideas!

Hii gorgeous girls!
We all know that "color hair" is a hot trend now. I see a lot on celebrities following this trend.
A lot of people think its only pink,blue,green and so on, but you are wrong it can be black or blonde.
I select some pictures for you girls to get inspired!

I really love the last picture(niina secret).
I need your help girls, what color should I pick? I have black hair. help!!
Have a great day

3 comentários:

Kathya stryzak said...

ahh acho legal..so que nao posso usar os meus cabelos assim coloridos...

Beijos e boa quarta


Lele said...

you could try hot pink,purple,blue,or green.hope it helped!!I personally would do purple.I don't know why but I just would. ;)

Arlete julian said...

aiii ja useii quando mais nova, acho que vou aderir essa moda de novo !!!!

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