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Morning girls!!
Guess what girls? It's tag day not only that ,but it's in English !!! Yay!
I was at the Bronx zoo yesterday, so I decided to make the video. It's called chubby Bunny. This video has no purpose  at all, just to have fun and to laugh at our faces!!

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Naty Cardoso said...

chubby Bunny... Não entendi nada, mas me fez rir muito, rsss..
Linda.. Bjo

Kathya Stryzak said...

jajajajjajja muy bueno!!!! besos y buen martes


Arlete julian said...

essa tag do chubby bunny é muito legal adorei assistir !!!

Leticia Frossard said...

OMG SOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!I watched this ideo like,5 x it was so funny!!I am so gonna try this!!!u should call it the marshmallow challenge,like they do the cinnamon challenge!!!LOL,soooooooo funny!!!!!!hahahahaha!!!!Love it!!!!

Love & Laughs!!!!!!!:')(Crying from laughing so hard,lol!!!)

Leticia said...

you should make more videos like this one!seriously,every time I think about it it makes me do one of two things;smile,or burst out laughing.LOL!!!

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