5 Review: Revlon 008 Candy pink

Hi girls, so today, going to do a quick review. Lipstick from Revlon the color is candy pink 008. I actually bought this lipstick a few months ago. So today I will tell you girls my own opinion from this product.
The color is  candy pink, not a hot pink but almost like a baby pink. The texture is very creamy and moist and with no scent. I was looking for a richer pink , than this light pink color, but I still love the color. It lasts a reasonable amount of time.
Now let's talk about the case/ packaging. I have to say, I love the case is very pretty with the matte black with diamond texture. What I really like is that there's a swatch on the top that lets me know what color is inside.
Revlon is doing a great job , with the quality of the products and the cases. Is much better than it was.
I paid $7.00 dollars for this lipstick. It's worth it! With this price you can buy two lipstick from Revlon, instead one from Mac.


5 comentários:

Pathy Bach said...

Lindo lindooo
Sucesso sempree!!!

cida jesus said...

oie Thalissa sou do face estou seguindo seu blog achei lindo seus loks me segue la bj

Anusha Outfitter said...

love the color! thanks for the review


Arlete julian said...

lindoooooooooo ja querooo kkkkk

Arlete julian said...

lindooooooooooo ja querooo kkkk

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