1 Review: Le Provençal Bistro in Mamaroneck

Hi girls!
It's finally Friday yay!! This week went by really fast( love that)
About 3 weeks ago I went to a amanzing France restaurant. The funny part is that is 5 minutes from my house and I had no idea about it. I went with my mom and some friends. The food was amanzing, the place is nothing big, is a good size and is so cozy!! No music, I like that, so we can talk, and don't have to be asking what all the time. I can remember the name of the girl who served us, she's Brazilian and very sweet, helped us to choose our place and suggested us to get the natural orange juice that was amanzing !!!
You all know that in France they serve small portion ( that's why they are so skinny). And in this restaurant is no different. So if you are used to sharing a plate with someone, i dont don't recommend in this specific restaurant.
What I like about small portion is that you can order a entree and then the main plate. Just to have an idea I didn't get any dessert. I was very satisfied.
I really recommend this restaurant is amazing!!! Give it a try!!

Have a great weekend girls!


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Arlete julian said...

é tbm amo quando a semana passa rapido kkk
é tem lugares tao perto de nso e que nao conhecemos né !!!
Hum agua na boa. Dica boaa demais em tha !!!

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