6 Steve Madden: Olympiaa Wedge Sneaker.

Morning girls!!
Today we are going to talk about a new trend, that is everyone!
The sneakers  from Steve Madden.  I saw in a lot of blogs people saying that they love and others saying that they hate it. Well my opinion is, when I first saw it, I didn't like it, but now that I see every where, I kid like it. But I will not buy it , because every one is wearing then, and I don't like to look like everyone else, if you girls understand. I love sneakers and I wear then almost everyday ! But i will buy another type and make different looks for you girls to see, that you don't have to buy what everyone is buying.
The combination of cute look + sneakers = Unique style( I love it).

Bom dia meninas!!!
Hoje nos vamos falar de uma moda que esta todo mundo falando. O tenis by: Steve Madden. Eu vi em varios blogs, e esta dividido, muitas meninas gostaram muito mais pro outro lado tem meninas falando que nao gostou nem um pouco . Na minha opinion, na primeira vez que eu vi, nao gostei, mais depois de tanto ver acabei me acostumando. Eu nao vou comprar porque todo mundo esta usando (ate a mesma cor), claro que vou comprar outro estilo porque eu amo tenis e claro fazer um looks para voces, mostrando que tem como estar na moda sem usar o que todo mundo esta usando.
Combinacao de um look com Tenis= amo!!

This is the shoes that everyone is talking about....

why are these kinds of wedge sneakers even a trend right now!? there are so many BETTER pairs of sneakers in the world.
Nike > Isabel Marant
Fashion houses need to leave sneakers to the people who know best.



I mean. Steven by Steve Madden. The only queen to get the knockoff right (the hidden wedge is what makes them, cc all the idiots who didn’t get it) Bleecker St.

This is why we cannot have nice things.

Have a great day girls!
Lindo dia meninas!  


6 comentários:

♥Dessa Jolie♥ said...

Acho eles tão fofinhos,mais não sei se teria coragem de usar!mais é uma gracinha..rs!
Beijos flor=*

Brigadeiro in NY said...

I really liked... Bjux

Arlete julian said...

Gosto, acho bonitinho o problema é que muitas vezes o pessoal usa informaçao demais no look ai a culpa vai pro coitadinho hahaha

Thalissa Tomic said...

Flor que bom q vc gostou!!! Bjs

Thalissa Tomic said...

Hi gorgeous ! I'm glad you like it xoxo

Thalissa Tomic said...

Linda vc esta certa coitadinhos neh haha bjs

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