2 Its almost friday night! Changing is always good! try it!

Hi girls!
Tomorrow is Friday night!
Do you know what are you wearing?!
What I notice is that every girl wear the same style of dress, short and tight.
Why not wear something new for tomorrow night?!
The first dress is from forever21. Every girl wear this kind of dress.
The second dress is from Neiman Marcus. I love this dress, because is different and the style is just chic, different from what we see on a Friday night!look at the details, colors and the cut of the dress, you can say is a unique dress. Try it! I know when you walk in every eye will be on you!
I have a birthday party tomorrow! I will try to put a video showing a hair tutorial!



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Delicious from Brazil said...

good idea!

Delicious from Brazil said...

Menina linda, gostei muito das ideias para sexta a noite, o seu estilo deixa a mulher mais linda....

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